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Suggestions Suggestions for holding 8ft wide Rolls

Andrew Hodgson

New Member
Looking for suggestions on how to store an 8ft wide roll of material when not printing on it and I would like to hold the rolls on the wall. I am wondering if I place the roll on the wall on some type of slanted bracket, would that put a dent into the material.


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buy some sturdy metal pipe and have two wood brackets with holes attached to studs. For 8', you might even want to have a crossmember nailed to two studs on each end. cap one end of the pipe so it doesn't pull out.


New Member
yes they will dent over time. you'd really have to pad those brackets to prevent that. id say as long as you use some foam to pad them they should be okay. you may want to build a 3rd bracket in the middle to keep the rolls from sagging in the middle.

Andy D

Active Member
Agreed with JTBoh, the best way to store rolls outside of a core is on a ridged heavy duty pipe.