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Summa D610 24''


New Member
I everybody,

I'm planning on bying the summa D610 24'' it's a used cutter it's comes with WinPCSIGN PLUS 2005. Is this a good cutter? Approx 1000$us

This will be my first cutter, any suggestions?



Vital Designs

Vital Designs
The D610 is an excellent cutter. I have one that is over 10 years old and still cuts like brand new (a real workhorse).

I just got a graphtec fc7000-130 primarily because of the 54" width but the summa still gets used on a daily basis for the 24" and under stuff.

I also have a summa d60 we use on the road and it gets bounced around in the trailer like a beachball and not a single problem with it. You will not hear a bad thing about Summa's from me.