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summa durachrome, worth buying?


New Member
52 inch dc1 durachrome, in good shape with extra foils and a new box of 3m vinyl. the seller wants $2500. Seems like a good price to me. Fred

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Is the machine still supported? They didn't sell very many of them.

Do you understand that you will have only a single source for supplies and support?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't thing the machine does anything other than print and set targets. It requires a separate plotter capable of accomodating the material width and lining itself up using OPOS positioning. Were you aware of those issues?

The printer uses only special 3M film and foils supplied only by Summa and can only accomodate up to a 4 mil film thickness. It does not print banners, reflective film and a host of other materials one might think it would print.

Your supplies and support will come from a couple of thousand miles away. The first time you have a problem that cannot be fixed by phone and shipping you replacement modules, you will be faced with a bill to fly someone in that will exceed what you propose to spend for the printer.

One reason for the lack of success of this machine is that it imposes on you one of the highest per square foot production costs out there. You will be competing with inkjets selling output for about what it costs you in material to print.

Just because it is thermal resin does not mean it won't fade or be damaged by abrasion or solvents without lamination.

I went to a demo of this machine in Seattle at what was then Airmark in 1998. After four hours the reps there were finally able to successfully print one of their own saved jobs. When they transferred it to the plotter it missed the mark by almost two inches and ruined the entire job. I decided to buy an Edge instead.

In case I was unclear, I do not recommend getting this machine at any price.