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Question Summa F1612 - Full bleed 4x8 w/o marks


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I have been investigating flatbed cutters/routers and am having trouble getting a straight answer to what I believe is a pretty basic question about the Summa F1612: can you print full-bleed on a 4x8 sheet of material (for instance, ten 18x24s on coro) and trim them on the Summa F1612? Obviously full-bleed printing wouldn't allow for registration marks, but I have seen other flatbed cutters handle this by just recognizing the corner of the material as its starting point. Does anyone know if the F1612 can do this?


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First of all, the marks need to be outside the cutting area, right? So 10 full-bleed 18x24s on a 4x8 sheet would not allow for marks, right? Secondly, setting up the file with cut marks and requiring the cutter to take the time to read all the marks on a 4x8 sheet would take more time than trimming them out by hand. Go to the :55 mark of this video to see what I mean:

Christian @ 2CT Media

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You have 6in on the 96in side to add marks, just center your prints with 3in of margin on either end and place your marks there.

The summa camera can read the marks very fast.
Our iEcho is slow compared to the summa and depending on our knife speed we can process a full board in under 2 mins.