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Summa Flex cut option mis-cutting

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Hi all.

I’ve found this forum through Google when searching for suggestions on a little problem we have with our D160. So I’m hoping we may get some answers!

Part of what we do as a company is supply bulk stickers, individually cut and packed into sets. We use the Flex cut option on the Summa, which is great, but we are experiencing an issue where the points do not meet up causing each sticker to have a little tag. We have to then trim this off, and in a run of 10,000, this is no good! Does anyone know where the problem may lie? We have recently changed the blade, replaced the cutting strip and done various tests. We have come notice that the issue happens more regularly on radius corners. I have attached a photo showing the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as we have thousands of stickers to cut out!


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Start with adjusting blade offset. Clean blade holder. Use an outfeed table. Clean pinch rollers. Block off open vacuum ports.


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On the "D" model, do you have OPOS registration? I assume so... I have had a bunch of problems with larger decals and part of the issue in Onyx is to adjust the distance the OPOS marks are generated in. 500mm I think is the standard, you may want to adjust from there so that decals try not to call between them, if possible. Slow the speed down as well.