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summa not comunnicating with flexi


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Hello everyone its been a long time since I was here, but Im really in deep trouble, We recently had to change our printer so we went for hp latex 330 very nice, yesterday we printed a bunch of work and decided to cut it next day but today alln the cut files dissapeared the print files are there but we cant cut them any ideas? Thank You


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What are the errors that are popping up? Can you post screenshots of Production Manager after a fail.

Quick troubleshooting steps:
  • Turn everything off.
  • Physically follow the cables and verify each connection.
  • Turn the computer on and then the other machines.
  • If you can see the plotter.
    • Try a test cut.
    • If you get a port error or connection error, go into the Change Port and make adjustments there as needed.
    • If it still doesn't work, delete the setup and go to the next step.
  • If you can't see the plotter.
    • "Add Setup" and try to re-add the plotter.
    • If you can't connect while trying to add the plotter, delete everything Summa and reinstall drivers.
    • Go through "Add Setup" again
  • If that doesn't work, then you either have bad cables, bad ports, or the ports could be turned off in Device Manager or forwarding to somewhere else. Could be a lot of things.


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hi done all that is not a connection problem we did another file today every thing works fine its yesterday jobs we cant cut the cutting archives have dissapeared we are entering now cut lines alone and doing them manually thanks