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Summa off a little bit


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Hi all,

I'm having a little problem.
My summa S160D is a little bit off, it's always cutting just slightly above the print/design, most of the time.
It's not like terribly off, only about 0.5mm.
However, I'm doing 2 cm in diameter label so 0.5 mm is quite noticeable especially circle with outline.
The outline is slightly thicker at the bottom than at the top.

Wondering if there is an option/setting I need to do to fix this? I've done OPOS calibration before.
Could be from the HP latex heat deformation/media shrinkage?

What I'm doing currently is setting the cut contour line 0.5mm above the design/print.
I believe this is not right/ideal.

the equipment: Summa S160D, HP latex 335, flexi premium rip.

Thanks very much in advance.


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Do an OPOS calibration using BLACK vinyl with white backing (preferably matte black vinyl). Before doing this calibration set to 30 the media calibration value in the OPOS panel.


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Could be deformation of the latex. Try the following:

There is an option in the RIP/Print-Dialog of Flexiprint to rotate the cut job (the XY-Line will turn to be vertical). Print the job in this orientation. Leave enough space on the right and the left side (1 inch minimum right, 3 to 4 inch minimum left) for processing the job in the cutter crosswise.

If you have the newest service pack installed (SP5, Build 2898), set the maximum marker distance to half the value of the default in the OPOS-Options (creates more markers), and double the size of the markers before printing.

The heat deviation of the latex printers could change over the length of a job, what will lead to that the compensation measured at the xy-line will not work over the whole job. With this modifications, you will move the heat effect problem to the side, were both sides will be scanned.

If your plotter is an older one, be shure that your pinch rollers arent worn out. If your plotter is a S2, with firmware 021 you will have a functionality named OPOS XY2, which will scan one XY-Line on each end of the job, what will contour cut more precise too. Flexi Build 2898 have XY2 selectable, but havent tested if it works until now because haven‘t an S2 available.

Of course, if wanting to do batch cutting with Opos Barcode, this tipp will make the job more complicated. It is a good idea for exceptions only, were highest precision is needed. During tests, I had much more precision with the same jobs.


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Thanks for the reply.

will do calibration with media set to 30.

Regarding the "If you have the newest service pack installed (SP5, Build 2898), set the maximum marker distance to half the value of the default in the OPOS-Options (creates more markers), and double the size of the markers before printing."

how do I find out about the firmware or service pack? and how do set the marker to half the value if I'm using flexi sign? As I can remember, this option is from winplot?


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A strong indication for Build 2898 is that the icons have turned from green to purple ;) . But a look into the About-Box helps too (see attached image "about.jpg").

How to set the values (double the size of the markers, decrease the maximum distance) can be seen in attached images "settings.jpg" (RIP/Print) or "settings_pm.jpg" (Production Manager). ch

In that images you can see too how to set OPOS XY2 (S-Class 2, firmware 021). To check the firmware of your S-Class 2 (if you have one, coloured touch screen), press the "S2-Button" between the "Configuration" and "Actions"-Button.
about.jpg settings.jpg settings_pm.jpg about.jpg settings.jpg settings_pm.jpg


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Really appreciate for your help, Frank.
Didn't know about the new service pack.
Didn't get any notification on the software or whatever.
Looking forward to try that.
How did you know about this update? They didn't even put it on their site.