Need Help Summa Opos X or Opos Cam??

colin smyth

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Hi, looking for some impartial advice on Summa S2 plotter. I have had a Graphtec FC8600 that I have been fighting with contour cutting issues for years and gave decided to upgrade to a Summa S2 T160. It comes with OposX but I had been advised by another sign company that I should get the Cam version. I would like to use it for long runs of contour cut logos and like the idea of loading a printed roll and letting it work away, but do I need the Camera to do that? Any advice greatly appreciated!
I have an S140t with the OPOS-x and the Summa F, which uses the OPOS-CAM. The OPOS-CAM is so much nicer!!! Both are accurate, but the CAM version is way better in my opinion. It's more forgiving too. If you happen to have a mark goofed up, or print on a odd material, you can get it to read the marks easier, or even manually set where the marks are. If I ever get another roll cutter, it will have the OPOS-CAM for sure!


Pr. Bear-Mon
Have 2 S2T160s, one with and one without. I agree with the above comments, it's faster, more accurate and more forgiving should you have any inconsistencies with your marks. The only limitation IMO on the OPOS Cam is the required proximity to the host computer for the camera connection.

colin smyth

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Thanks ProColor & Behrmon. I had heard Cam is more forgiving on specialist materials and Laminates (like glitter & chrome etc) and although i don’t print on those often, it would be nice to have the option.
We do a lot of vehicles and some lorries with full color drops, I have been told I can load a roll on and the Summa will trim and cut each panel (with additional take up roll) To save doing it by hand, have either of you done this? Is it a Cam only feature?


We have a camera S2 and it reads the marks really fast.
Only drawback is you can't connect by network cable.


The OPOS-CAM has exactly the same functionality as OPOS X, except that OPOS X will start to circle if it dont find the marker at the right position (for example the media is skewed), while with OPOS-CAM the head needs to be moved manually if the marker is not in the area the camera detects. And because of the driver software of the camera is windows only, OPOS-CAM cant be used directly with Mac or Linux (Caldera). And because of this driver software on a PC, OPOS-CAM will not work if the cutter is connected by network.

For my Opinion, the main reason for OPOS-CAM is Speed.