Summa pen tool


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I'm experimenting with a personal project in my spare time and trying to use the pen tool on our Summa s2 t160 to create some drawings.

There's not really much documentation on the pen tool in the Summa manual or in the software manuals (Caldera for print and cut, MacSign Cut/WinPlot for og cutting) – is there any way to use it to color in filled areas? All I've been able to do so far is get it to draw outlines.


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I don't have a Summa or use your RIP, but just thinking off the top of my head...
You could use a CAM post processor (winplot, in your case?) to define tool paths which would draw the outline and then color in the interior of your outlines, similar to machining a pocket on a router.
If your winplot only cuts outlines, does the Summa accept g-code, or have post processors available for other CAM programs to create paths in its native language?