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Need Help Summa S Class 160 Plotter Knife Pressure Cutting out of Onyx

David Snider

New Member
We have the knife pressure set at 140 but when we are cutting a printed job out of Onyx Postershop Cut-Server the pressure changes to 120.

This does not happen when we are cutting out of Composer on regular vinyl. It seems to only happen when cutting from Onyx.

Any help would be appreciated.


New Member
check your settings in cut-server. Manager Cutters > "Plotter name" - Configure > Select device settings (or create new one) and press configure > There are radio buttons "use device values - override device values - change device values" It is most likely here that you have the change device values selected.

Now it may vary slightly depending on the cutter and which version of onyx you're running but should be fairly similar. I have certain device settings setup for different material configurations that we use on a reg. basis, but also have a general one setup to only use the device settings and ignore all onyx settings. This is good when you want to control it from the plotter itself.