Summa S Class D140 and Flexi 19 Barcode


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Hello everyone, I'm having issues getting Flexi to read the barcode on my D140. With the Barcode Sensor running I send the job. The D140 then asks me to line the blade up with the first mark. The cutter is reading the marks, but never reads the barcode. Am I missing a step? Also, what are the advantages of using the barcode? The cutter is extremely accurate with the barcode, but I want to take full advantage of all its features. Thank you in advance!

P Wagner

The benefit of the barcode is for the cutter to scan and capture the barcode data, and then request the job from the queue, not for you to send the job. This approach reduces the amount of user interventions, supports batch cutting of multiple jobs, and increases automation.


You need to start barcode reading from the plotter, or right-click the cutting queue title in Flexi Production Manager to select a barcode reading start menu entry (not shure about the correct syntax for the english PM). Then the cutter will ask you to place the knife tip below/in front of the barcode. After pointing on the Enter-Button, the cutter will search for the barcode, and after reading the barcode it will poll the right cutting file out of the PM.

This will work only if the print job is created in Flexi, and printing and cutting file is sent at the same time.


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Trying to revive this thread and hope Frank can help me with this.
I was able to do barcode reading and summa (S160D) will cut automatically.
However, the cutter is now only reading and standby, I need to drag the cut file (Flexi) from hold to output.
Barcode server is on and the path is correct.
Can anyone help? Thanks.