Summa S160T Tangential with OPAS Cam with Take Up Reel

CL Visual

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Best plotter I've ever owned. I had a monster pounce job last week that had to be done in a few days. I bought another summa (same model) to help complete the job. Now selling one because I don't need two long term. This machine is less than a year old and purchased from Diversified Display. Take up reel is an amazing feature. Put an entire roll of printed and laminated material and tape it up. Come back an hour or two later and entire job is cut and ready to weed. OPAS cam reads marks twice the speed of laser and reads the barcode automatically. No more pressing cut over and over

Located in Long Island, NY. Still have box for machine and takeup reel. I have no interest in disassembling but you're welcome to come pack it up if need be.


Email for any further info.


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