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Summa S2 t140 - Contour Cut

Renato Pinto

Graphics Manager

I made a post not long ago about the Summa at our shop tweaking out and shooting out the roll of vinyl either forward or backwards.

We fixed that issue when it comes to just plotting vinyl but now i'm having issues contour-cutting.

I have to plot (250) decals for a local dealership so i've set it all up and get it on the plotter and it reads the first 2-3 squares and then it goes on to the next one but it just keeps going until the sheet of vinyl falls off the plotter.

Any ideas? I've cleaned the sensor and the OPOS cam on the plotter.



Aging Member
I have had something similar happen when my regmarks are too close to the back edge of the sheet. It'll read the marks just fine up one edge then when it goes to read down the other side it shoots the whole sheet out the front and continues searching in some random spot. Taping on an extra inch of material solved it in this one case.