Summa S2T160 pinch rollers install


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As per name, anyone got a manual etc for fitting additional pinch rollers on the summa S class? Looks relatively straightforward but I’d like to make sure it’s done right!

Our techs are currently refusing to come out and do “unnecessary” jobs but won’t release any info on how to fit them ourselves!

TIA for any advice.


It's pretty straightforward and the included instructions are decent. I've done three, the first one took 90 minutes or more, the last one took about 20 minutes. If you remove the end panel completely, remove the ribbon cable from the board side, not the screen side as it's much easier to reconnect on the board side. I'd also recommend keeping track of your screws for the side panel, put the same screw back into the same hole.


Prints stuff
They didn’t include any instructions- honestly the guys we got it through have been pretty useless.

I asked for tech support the other week, they told me what I needed to do wasn’t possible and hasht ever been. Then I contacted onyx and got a patch for my issue - glad I double checked!

Do you happen to still have the instructions?