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Summa Vs. Graphtec


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I'm looking to get a new " better " cutter. Now I have a Lynx 24" . For small runs It has been great. I started off doing just my racecar a few for some freinds, then some freinds wanted me to do some signs..... Then I thought hey I kind of like doing this. That was three years ago. When I first bought the machine I would turn it on once a month now it is on every day. I put a third pinch roller on it, that helped tracking alot. (note: had to cut the little locater tab on top of the roller so the cutter doesn't know that it is there.)
I want to get a new cutter I'm thinking 30" I have had some call for some bigger cuts, but most times 30" would cover it. I'm looking at Graphtec and summa both. I was looking at the graphtec 5100 -75, but now looking at the summa models. I think they are both great machines, but is the a reason to choose one or the other? Also What advatages are to be gained with the summa "T" class or "D" class over the summa se model. I'm not looking for cheap. I have been there withthe lynx. The lynx has served me well, but I'm looking to step up. I plan to be in this bussiness a long time, and want a cutter that will last.


Tom Manning

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There is no right/wrong answer to this question. It will boil down to personal preference. You will spend a LOT more for the T series vs. the D/SE class. T class has a dedicated motor to actually turn the blade called Tangential cutting. Most plotters such as the Graphtecs/Panthers use Software Immulation Tangential cutting. In theory you should receive much smoother and more acurate cuts with a true Tangential cutter. If looking into the Graphtec series look at the new FC7000 series. In any event either one you go with, you will notice a nice difference upgrading to a Summa or Graphtec from your Lynx
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If you have ANY inkling of digital printing, get one with the OPOS so you can do contour cuts. Although I really like my Summa D60, I'd buy a Graphtec FC7000-XXX if I were buying a new Hi-Zuke cutter. These can be had for about 1/2 of a comparable Summa and seem to be a heckuva machine.


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I am deeply trenched in the Summa camp, but if I had to get another brand of plotter it would be a Graphtec.

As for the tangentinal cutting, its great for when you are doing small lettering, and the corners are a lot cleaner, especially on small tips. I think I got spoiled when it comes to plotters, since the first machine I ever used was a Summa T1010 machine.

You made a great decision deciding to choose one of those two brands, you'll be happy with either. The one thing that I have heard from someone else in the same situation as yourself was that Summa seemed to have better technical support. Good luck deciding, and let us know what you get.

Scott Reynolds

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The graphtec 5100 -75, use it, love it. Getting a 54" next. I'll go with Chris, get the FC series. Even if you DONT ever get a printer, you still have the option to sub out your print jobs and contour cut them yourself.