Swapping Changing Cold Roll Laminator Rollers- Drytac Laminator Video


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So I swapped my laminator rollers this last week on my Drytac unit. Runs like new- the Upper roller had a cut on it- so I put it on the bottom, and the lower on the top.

After the swap - its like a new machine. If interested, here is a short video I made. Hope this helps someone save some money and extend the life of their laminator.

Careful- the solid silicon rollers are heavy.

Cool! We have the same issue, a couple cuts in our top roller.

However, apparently the diameters of the rolls on our jet mounter aren't the same size. We called a tech at Drytac to ask about this exact thing, and they told us it wouldn't work. Maybe it's a model difference, but I wasn't sure if I believed him.....

We just used a little very fine sand paper to smooth out the cuts. So far so good. Might be willing to give this a try, seemed to work fine for you!


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thanks- yeah its pretty straight forward. Both roller had same shafts. - definitely worth a shot!