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Swatch Table in Flexi 12

Bobas Kalobas

New Member
Hi, I accidentally deleted the color bar across the bottom of my main window that has the customizable blends.
Its the one with the BRICK, CLOUDS, GRADIENTS, BLENDED CHROME... I know its an easy fix, but not if you have no idea where to look. :) I sure do appreciate help on this. I did not delete the regular colors bar that's down there. I guess I "closed" it.


New Member
oh, I just found it! Thank you! :) Where can I buy more effects for the color bar? Or can I?
You can make your own. Obviously gradients are pretty easy to make. You can take an existing gadient, change the colors to what you want then save as a new color. The patterns you can also make. It has been a while since I have done it so can't give instructions how to. But I know I have seen a video on it before so you should be able to find it on YouTube. Essentially you are making a repeating pattern.


New Member
As said above you can make your own gradients. Most "effects" that we do are actually "fills" or high resolution raster images that are imported in and masked. You can find them on websites like shoolofracinggraphics.com or any of the stock image websites such as shutterstock, istock, etc.