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T Vac Filters

Barry Jenicek

New Member
I have a Gerber 408 Router and in need of a part that I do not see listed in the parts catalog that I have.

I have the T Vac table and need to purchase a new AIR FILTER and FILTER SLEEVE (that goes around the Air Filter for added filtration).

Does anyone know the part numbers and where I can purchase them?

Approx dimensions of the filter are;

7 3/4" OD
4 3/4" ID
9 1/2" Tall

Barry Jenicek


New Member
call gerber directly.
call midwest sign supply.that is were i get most of my parts.but i would call gerber to get the part number.most of the people at midwest that i deal with for gerber parts know NOTHING!!!!
how old is the filter.
I dont use my table alot by most standards but i have had it for 4 years and Im wondering how long before i should change filters.if i do alot of work it can clog that filter and cause the t vac to shut down from over heating.

Barry Jenicek

New Member

Actually, my "paper" filters for all my Vac equipment, including the 408, last almost forever, mainly because I blow them out with compressed air. Doing this on a regular basis extends the life of the filter.

The thing that I really need for my "T" Vac filter is the Filter Sleeve that goes around it. Mine has been impregnated with metal shavings and it is somewhat difficult to wash out with soap and water. (The shavings tend to cut the hands)

According to one of the major sign suppliers, the Filter and Filter Sleeve come from a third party. I have been quoted a price of $69.95 with a part number of 236P and have been told that both pieces come together. I was hoping to purchase only the Sleeve because the filter is still in excellent shape.


dennis j

New Member

If you have had your filter for years it maybe a good idea to replace it also. In time the paper in the filter will get brittle and form cracks. Not worth trashing an expensive vac for the cost of a filter. :biggrin: