I woudn't think that very many people doing graphics work haven't thought at least once or twice about getting a tablet to work on. I for one have been wanting one for years, really wanting to pick up a Wacom, preferrably 6x8 or larger and those set you $150 easily.

Well, doing our bi-monthly shopping at Aldi's yesterday, I spotted some Medion tablets, 12x9, with pen and mouse, both wireless, for $40. I splurged and picked one up. I haven't ever used one before, and I am basically in love. I really do recommend for everyone to try and get some hands on time with a tablet sometime. I figured I could use this tablet like a training bike, and then in the future upgrade to the Wacom 12x9 tablet, which only cost $400.


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Aldi's... Isn't that the grocery store like place? We have one in the next town over (hanover, pa). Wonder if they have them there? I used to have a tablet but it doesn't work very well on windows Xp systems. Is it pressure sensitive? I want a new tablet, I miss mine :(
512 levels of pressure, and yeah that Aldi's.

They have the discount electronic item specials from time to time. Usually have something new in every week or two. You could always call and see if they will tell you if they have any, on this kind of stuff they only get a handful in at a time.


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never used one in all my years of autocad release 9 through release 14 approx 5 years I was a type my numbers type of guy Mouse & kb was fast for me had lots try & prove me wrong but none did wife has wacom & loves it I never got used to it


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Well, they didn't have them at the store in hanover, but I found out there are other stores close buy. I'll have to try them, the thing that sucks is, the phone numbers for the stores is unlisted.

Matthew - I did some research on this tablet. I found that lots of people are having problems getting them to work correctly. Also if you have it to close to your monitor it may make the tablet not work right. And there seems to be some driver issues. Here something I found on a PC tech message board....

Aiptek makes the graphics tablets for most of the clone brands (Trust, Medion etc). Trust already have the latest driver on their website that fixes this problem and it works fine with the Aiptek tablet.

download these better working drivers here -
Haven't had a problem yet, with my work one or my one at home (gosh I'm bad and ended up buying two).

I used my work one for a little while in front of my 19" CRT monitors, but now its resting on my roll out keyboard tray. Never had a problem with it.

At home, its sitting directly in front of my 15" LCD screen. No problems there either, other than my desk is too small.

As for drivers, I am currently using the drivers that came on the CD, version 3.08. I downloaded the driver off of the Aiptek site, ver. 3.1 and I didn't notice any difference, except that the function keys at the top didn't match what is silkscreened on the tablet, so I reinstalled the Medion 3.08 drivers. I downloaded the Trust ddrivers to try, it wouldn't let me download them yesterday, and I'll let you know if there is any difference with those.


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I ended up buying two as well, thanks for the heads up. Got the last one my second time back!

I guess Aldi is good for something after all ...


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We don't have that store down here in Florida and their website doesn't offer shipping.
Would anyone be interested in picking one up for me?

Unless someone knows where I can order 1? :thumb:

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