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Take-up Reel??


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Hi, Just Bought A Versa-camm 300v. It Doesnt Have A Take-up Reel.

(3 Good Questions)

Will The Ink Not Stick The Media To Itself In A Reel?
What Does The Reel Do?
Can I Get One For The 300v?

My Experience So Far Is.... Example: I Printed An 8' Graphic And As It Curled On The Floor It Stuck To Itself.
I Know Its A Tech Question, But The People At Sign Supply Usa Where I Purchased It Seem To Have No More Knowledge About This Machine Than I Do. And I Am Unanimous In This!!! Unbelievable!!
Thanks For Your Hands On Opinoins!


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The Media will not stick to itself on the reel. Prints generally only stick when they go face to face (ink to ink).

The reel will roll up the vinyl onto a emty core so that it does not touch the ground.

Yes you can get one through any Roland dealer. I believe they are around $1,500.

One probably with the takeup reel is you can only use it for print jobs, you cannot use it for print/cut jobs.


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Or..you can make something out of scrap materials laying about in your shop for nothing. It's non-motorized of course, but very adequate in my opinion.


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I was wondering about the cutting part of it & makes sense about the ink to ink problem.
How do I make a homemade one?


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You can use two of those heavy gauge (sp?) closet rack brackets that hold a pole. Its a little hard to explain them here but I think you can get them in any hardware store. They're usually white with a little semi-circle at the end to hold the pole. Zip tie them to each leg and hang a dowel across them. Now you have your manual take up real. Its worth it unless you are always doing huge runs then the take up reel from Roland might be they way to go. the homemade method works just fine and it prints slow enough where you can design or work on the bench then periodically walk over and roll it up.


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Ok, thanks! I know what brackets your talking about. I will do that, cause I do not have a constant mass of long media to cut.