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We have had a multitude of problems since we switched to a third party ink. We have used 20/20 ink which I heard was made by Nazdar. Well anyway the test print from the SC-540 is good no missing sections, then we go and print an few graphics and do a test print and there are sections missing. I had all the caps replaced. It seems like random sections appears and then disappear on the test print. This only occurs in section A, the black and magenta section.

I was told by an independent Roland repair tech to go back to Roland ink or Ink Tech(?) ink and replace the black print head.

Is there anything else I can do first like: flush the lines to the print head, ?????

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks - Herb
Hi i've been here on many occasions the major problem i had was once the 3rd party ink was used the machine might not get used for a couple of days and then we'd find bad prints and missing sections of ink on the test print page, once it was cleaned fine then i had no magenta at all i had to manually suck the ink through the line to prime the heads da da it worked no hardware replaced just a lump of poor quality ink in the line.

to be honest it might be expensive but i will only use Roland inks, trouble free printing


Im sure i know where you were told to use inktec ink from...steer clear put the inktec ink in and a roland ink in dont even print just puncture the seal on the end...remove both cartridges lay them flat on a table and in 2 hours tell me what you think that inktec is going to do to your printer....the inktec will leak all over the place....roland ink is 29 cents a sf and well worth the money....the 20\20 is not causing your problems though i work on many using 20\20 and lyson with no issues...its either something blocking the line, not capping correct or bad dampers but the ink will work in that machine just fine...like i said i work on pro 2 and pro 3's all the time with that ink with no issues....the other thing they should have told you is they wont sell inktec in a refurb if its a pro 2 because they are afraid the heaters are to weak and wont get enough dry time without the external heater.


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Spitting ink on right side of print

Getting very frustrated! Attached are two photos of what my printer is doing.

To review we have changed to new Roland caps, new wiper, new sponge and the drain tubes are clear and use Lyson ink.

Do caps need to be aligned?

Also anyone kind enough to forward a manual, it would be wholeheartedly appreciated!

Thanks for any and all help!:frustrated:


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20/20 ink used to be eleven ten ink that did a lot of damage to printers, had many law suits and then changed there name to 20/20 inks. They damaged my sc 540 and have problems with color shifts. Run, run Forest as fast you can. Solaris is good 3rd party ink, no problems and they put more ink in each cartridge than Roland.


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switch back to roland ink, swab your heads with cleaning fluid, and run a few powerful cleans followed by medium cleans until the head comes back. I used the same inks for about 3 months and we were able to get everything back after switching back.