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Text/Typing Trouble with Signlab 6


New Member
Hi all, another newbie here, this time having problems with the font detective (possibly) on signlab 6.
I've installed all the fonts over and over, they seem to install correctly but when I click the letter on the keyboard it comes up on screen duplicated many times over. I thought perhaps the keyboard had packed up but it works fine for all other programs.
It's as if the program has been set to duplicate key strokes many times over. Strange thing is that it was working fine last week!


New Member
Here's a link where this has been talked about here.


If you go to cadlink's website, you can sign in for free, and go to knowledge base, here you can put in the type system your running and the signlab program your using, in your case e6, and there are tech notes that explain why your having duplicating letters, and a procedure or download to fix this.

What build are you currently using in e6? You will most likely have to update to the current build, e6.1 revision 17. This is available for download from cadlinks site.