Thank You Matthew from SAI

S. Sexton

New Member
I was reading another thread that Mathew had responded to. I sent him an email about a problem I was having with Flexi. He responed back with his cell number and was able to help me with my problem.

No big deal you say well Mathew is out of town on vacation and took time to help us with this problem. Now that is customer service in my book.
He just so happen to be vacationing less than ten minutes away from my office and less than five from my house.

Big thanks for taking time out of YOUR day Matthew



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Mathew and I are working on an issue as well.

He has gone above and beyond any type of service I even hoped for.

Awesome service.

Color Dude

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Matt is a great person.

Teri at SAi is also awesome..she aswell as Matt have saved me several times in my Tech support days.

1000 Thumbs Up