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Thanks For Doing This!

meg girl

New Member
I happened across an archived page while doing a search for info about problems I was having with the Edge LE. Imagine my surprise at all the great posts with invaluable info. I may already be addicted!

I have been managing a small (1 full time {me!}, 2 pt employees) vinyl sign shop for three+ years now learning the majority of what I know through trial and error. When I was hired, the owner had lost the only employee he had and it was on bad terms so I had to sink or swim. I came from a large sign manufacturer that had shut down so I had vinyl application skills and 12 year old knowledge from Printing Technology courses. Not much, huh?

I relied heavily on Omega's user-friendly format and reference material and Advantage in the first 6 month's. I would have loved to have found this site back then though I'm not sure if I would have been any more impressed than I am today!

Thanks Again! :U Rock:
Meg Girl