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the best mouse for graphics


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what is the best mouse for designing? i'm looking for something for accurate results when working on illustrator. any idea? thanks


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I'm relatively new to the signmaking world - but I've been using AutoCAD and various 3D modelling packages for 15 years or so. Personally, I love trackballs - specifically the Logitech trackman marble. But maybe its out of necessity; I normally have so much crap piled on my desk that there's not room for a conventional mouse!


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I got this tablet 2 weeks ago and I'm very happy with it.

It's very accurate and whats cool is I could put a picture flat on the tablet and trace in the graphics to vector, Instead of scanning and cleaning. Another thing I like is I could get the -up to the right, back down to the left- swoop that you won't get with a mouse. Not to mention that it has worked flawlessly with all my programs.


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think wacom has a refurb sales center right on their site & they are awsome for graphic programs


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I wouldn't be without my Wacom ... for raster work. For everything else, I find I am more productive with the moue. And I have been using the Wacom since their introduction, so it's not an issue of 'getting used to it'. For example, I find that I am way more accurate in manipulating nodes with the mouse than with the pen. In this instance, the biggest thing for me is the right-click to bring up the nodes sub-menu in Corel; always have trouble doing that with the pen, and believe me, I've tried !!! :) :)