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Question The best self-adhesive for labels

Ingvild Oline

New Member

I am looking for the best possible materials for the stickers my company produce.

We are making name label stickers - usage is labeling clothes, shoes, food containers, water bottles, toys etc. We use Roland large format printers and Summa cutters. We are looking for a self-adhesive material that will adhere to plastic, steel, porcelain etc., and withstand cleaning in the dishwasher as well as microwave, oven and freezer.

Because our stickers are used for labeling clothes as well as assets, the material has to withstand cleaning with detergents in the washing machine up to 60 degrees. The material has to be free of toxins and with no harmful substances, and it needs to be safe for use by children and in connection with food. If possible we would like something that is not PVC. Ideally, we want a material that will adhere directly on to fabric as well, also during/after washing (heat transfer vinyl is not interesting).

As you can see our demands are high. Does anyone on Signs101 forum know about a manufacturer that has the kind of material we are looking for? Or if there is a supplier that has the ability to develop what we are looking for?

Answers much appreciated.



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cups and hard plastics - you need a pad printer
fabrics - silk screen


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Most of the requierements you want are printed on different types of equipment. You will never be cost effective on high runs against flexo label printers, close your doors now and choose a new line of work.