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The cut-line are not complete - not closed


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I have an Roland SC500, and every time I try to cut some flock or flex film I have this problem, that the cut line are not complete, if I cut the circle, at the end remains a small uncut piece! When I cut standard film for cargraphic I do not see this problem!
I try to change a knife (30,45,60 degress) but there are no changes! I use a roland colorchoice software!
Has anyone solution to this problem? Thanks


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First, is the sheet the same size as for car graphics? Just double checking that the ones that are giving you issue fit on the sheet. If it's close then that small margin could be causing the issue. I normally try and "poll" the plotter if the sheet size changes to make sure it is all fitting on the sheet.

I had a similar problem to yours using Flexi-Sign software and it took forever to figure out because it was so random. Still not sure why it does it sometimes and not the other but within my software I have a "Panel Size" setting in the production manager. The margins are normally set to 0.000inch so I changed that to 0.050inch and it fixed my issue. Not sure if you even have that setting in your software but figured I'd provide some input just in case since I know trying to track down problems that are random can be frustrating.


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The sovereign remedy for this sort of malfeasant cutting is to remove any dust cover on the plotter tool carriage and blow all the dust and crud out oft the meachanism paying particular attention to the tool up/down mechanism. It doesn't take much contamination to affect the timing of the blade transport mechanism making it just a wee bit slow to respond.