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The elusive 24" x 30" realty sign frame

Does anyone here have a good wholesale source for these? I only need one frame and none of our suppliers carry this size, that I can see. I also looked through a few pages of searches on this forum and to my surprise couldn't find another thread about these. I need a black powder coated realty style frame 24" x 30" with a 24" x 6" rider, preferably with bolt-in and slide-in options. I know they make them but who sells them?

Thanks in advance for any leads.


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You can get one from Amazon for $55 with "free shipping". It comes from buildasign.com, and they list it for $38.55 not including shipping.
harbor sales has a 24tall x 32" wide in stock. would that work?

Nope. Our customer had a 24" x 30" with a 24" x 6" rider specifically designed and is requesting a frame for such. We didn't do the design, they paid a professional designer and it is what it is. Worst case scenario, I could maybe convince them to let me rearrange the layout and fit it to something different, but I'd rather we just produce the sign as is and they can buy the frame from an online retailer if we can't find a wholesale source ourselves, as that's what they are expecting us to do at the moment. They just figured we could provide the frame too, and so did I til I realized it's not as common as I once thought it would be.
You can get one from Amazon for $55 with "free shipping". It comes from buildasign.com, and they list it for $38.55 not including shipping.
Yeah, I saw that. I also saw buildasign's site and it comes out to around $55 with shipping. We may go that route, but I was hoping this little problem might lead me to find a supplier with more frame options than we have with any of our current suppliers.
Just buy the 5 from Bull Steel and keep the other 4 in inventory. Add this size to what you offer realtors.
I don't know. Seems to me we'll spend the next five or more years trying to get rid of them. We do very little business with local realtors aside from coro yard signs for open houses and large scale development signs. It seems like the steel frames and aluminum realty signs just aren't a big seller for us. I really had hoped someone would have a source for these aside from buying factory direct in bulk.


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Not of fan of buying 5 and keeping them in stock.

Tell the customer that this is an odd-ball sized frame and THEIR minimum purchase is 5.


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I buy the 18x24 and 24x36 sizes 5 at a time and stock them. Don't see why you couldn't do the same with the oddball size. If you have them you can sell them. If you don't, you'll never offer them. Not sure what the per piece price is on 5 of them, but it's probably around $20-25. The price from Amazon on one is $55. So either get the one at $55 and try to sell it for $110, or buy 5 of them, sell one or two for $55, and have the inventory to be able to make some money on future sales. Or tell the customer they can buy it themselves from Amazon.