The Flora 4'x8' UV Printer has arrived at GRS


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Graphic Resource Systems has received our demo Flora 2512UV 4'x8' UV Printer. Below are some specs on the printer:

8-16 Konica Minolta print heads (CMYK, Lc, Lm, White, & Varnish)
Highly versatile machine with the ability to print on just about any substrate or rigid material
Printing speeds as high as 417 square feet per hour
Capable of printing on materials up to 4 inches thick!
Hi-resolution printing up to 1440 x 1440 dpi
Full bleed true flatbed printer (4x8 feet)

Pictures of the printer being recieved and uncrated can be found on our facebook page here:

Full specs and details on the printer can be found on our online store here:'x8'&key=it

The printer will be ready for demos in about a week, anyone interested can contact us at (888) 477-8465 Ext. 1 or
That's a lot of money to print floral.

Not to mention that hole you had to put in the wall is huge!

So basically you can print white then CMYK on just about any 4x8 substrate?


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So basically you can print white then CMYK on just about any 4x8 substrate?

Yes the printer is CMYKLcLm + White and Varnish and yes you can print full bleed on 4x8 boards. The unit can also print on materials up to 4" thick as well. There is also an optional roll to roll attachment that gives you the ability to print on roll stock up to 98" wide as well. There is a lot of flexibility in the materials that can be run through this unit and the type of jobs that can be done.


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Well it has been a very sucessful day today with the Flora. The electrician got the 220 line installed arround noon and we were up and printing by 4:30.

I know this is a low quality cell phone picture but attached is one of the first prints off of the unit on a Maxtor external hard drive.


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Time permitted a little more printing and testing of the Flora printer today. Attached is a picture of our ceiling tile that we have just finished printing on.


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Never heard of these any cons/pros?

Thanks, Really curious as we are looking to potentially get into the flatbed market.

Dave Philipps

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The reason you had never heard of Flora before is that they always acted as an OEM mfg, making printers for companies such as Vutek and CET. There now coming to market under their own brand name. We have one of the 4”x8” units in our demo area. (They also make a 6’x10’) We will be making videos on some of the things you can do with the unit and will be sending out an e-mail with a link to all these videos shortly so if you would like go to our website and get added to our e-mail list and you will get any e-mails we send out on this or other products we sell.

As far as the Pros and Cons as I see it I have listed some items below. Much of this information can also be found on the following link.'x8'&key=it

High resolution with brilliant print quality
Variable color configuration that's easily upgradable
Automatic pin registration system
Auto media calibration
Automatic anti-crash sensor
Auto cleaning system
White ink recirculation
Dedicated White ink
Varnish System

Three layer printing innovation

Vacuum hold down table

4” Z clearance print on anything up to 4” thick
Print on material weighting up to 3,000 pounds although I don’t know how you could ever put it in the machine
Optional roll attachment for banner
Fairly quick speeds up to 417 square feet per hour in the 16 head unit
Comes with its own rip

Requires a good amount of space
It is very heavy and needs a strong level floor to be installed on
Cost it is $92,500.00 for the base unit compare that to the Mutoh 1608HS that we also sell which goes for about $50,000.00. However the Mutoh does not have white ink only transports 15 pounds and prints at a little over 100 square feet per hour, plus it only handles material up 3/8 thick. Roland and Mimaki alos makes flatbeds in the range of about $65, 00.00 with white ink but they are also slow and limited to the weight and thickness of materials that can go through them. Also the LED bulbs in the Mimaki and the Roland cost up to $7,000.00 as what I seen on one post here on Signs101. Check that though this may have changed.

I hope this helps you somewhat and if you any further questions write me an e-mail.

Dave Philipps