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the versacamm


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I Want to Know Too!!

I took a look at one the other day and was very impressed! Mind you it was the first one I've looked at so I have nothing to compare it too. The print quality was excellent even on JPEGS I pulled off the internet. It also did a great job with some digital photos I took.
Their Eco-SOL ink didn't give off any unpleasent odor and we were in an enclosed room. I liked that alot!
If you have a dealer near you go for a visit or send them some files and have them send you some prints so you can see for yourself.
If I can get the right price and a good trade-in I'm going to give it some serious consideration!
Does anyone else out there have any comments that can help Grahame and I out!!


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dont get fooled by the no smell
ink do a bunch of printing and you will smell it and i even get a bad head ache
and end up stop printing to ventilate the place.
As far as printing quality its great
i love it and my customers love it :cool1:
If you don't have one, what are you waiting for? We have one and love it. We have had it for about 3 months and were wondering if we could justify buying one. Last week alone we printed 57 signs with it. It's AMAZING!!