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Question thinking of bying a cjv30-1000...................


New Member
comes with rasterlink 5 pro sg - does this run windows 10
IF the version comes with the printer, is the license mine -
do I go online and update it - will I have the license - I cannot remove it from the old computer it was originally installed on.
the printer is a 2010 model.
the head has been trashed - it hit the paper clamp and has a gouge in it
IT flashes no errors.
It goes through the motions.
-I have a r2880 for the head, I think the firmware was at 2.80
-should I go for a head from a wider 7880/7800
its been sat a while,
do I fit a new ink pump and lines
capping station
flush out the old solvent manifold
do I need 8 carts with 8 arc chips
I plan on refilling stock carts fitting arc chips

what am I missing?


New Member
what version of firmware lets me use a r2880 head
I would prefer a Teflon/gold dx5
IF I use the 'latest' firmware for a cjv
WILL a decoder card work?


New Member
I think the main thing you are m issing here is that it's only 1000mm wide.
So, you'll have to have all your 1370 rolls ordered cut down to fit.
And you won't be able to print an 8x4 sign.

Give it a miss and get a CJV30-130 instead.