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Thinking of Jumping Ship


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Just wondering if any users out there have experiance with any of the other software out there? VinylMaster seems reasonably priced, but does it compare to Omega 2.0? Flexi and Signlab seem very powerful but they come at a cost! Are eather worth it, if you already have Omega?

I know every program is going to have its +/- but does any one program stand out for cutting, or printing, or support, or extra features, or easy to use?

Hard to call up a rep. they are always going to tell you about thier product, so anyone have experiance with Omega and Brand X?



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I have used GA, Flexi, Cas-mate, Arts and Letters, Signlab, Signwizard, Signpost, Magi-Sign and a few others.
I have come to the conclusion that signsoftware is way overpriced and poorly supported. If you are a larger productin shop, this software makes sense-productin wise, but I think if I had Omega, I would either, really master it, or start designing in Corel, or Illustrator, and use Omega for ouput.


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i originally used signmate elite, then switched to vinylmaster pro. found the feature set to be more than comparable and price wise --- NO CONTEST--, Roland wanted more for an up grade than the whole VMP package.... Have been very happy with VMP. ( although the "dongle" security they just inrtroduced is a definite minus in my book, my signmate program had the same thing)

Fred Weiss

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I think as you go along that you will find each application has its strengths and weaknesses. If you already have Omega, it will handle most requirements and does some design and layout tasks very well. The first tier of applications to supplement it, IMHO, would be those applications used by the print and professional design community .... and with whose files I may have to deal.

So I would recommend:

1. Adobe Illustrator
2. Coreldraw
3. Adobe Photoshop (if you plan to handle digital printing)

I think a lot of people balk at the price of signmaking software because of the high initial outlay, but the fact is that it's a small expense when you amortize it over its useful life. If you save one hour a week using Omega (and I'd put that figure at more like 3 or 4 for myself) as compared to a lower cost alternative what is 52 hours a year worth? If you're busy and working overtime just to keep up and you value your time at $50 per hour, then Omega will save you $2600 a year.