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I purchased Corel X3 it came with some clipart but not sure if I can printout the thumbnails if it all possible, it would make it easier for people to pic out their graphic. Not sure if theres an easy way if at all.

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Do not know how to answer even tho I've also got the X3 n like it alot cause I downloaded it as a up date from #8 since I've never used the clip art nor downloaded it will not load up ..hoping there is a work around here ..any ideas somebody ...or did I not do something right ...
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I found that if you open up the scrapbook icon located under the tools menu, then under the scrapbook window goto the directory where you have your clipart.


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knight - the easiest way would have been to purchase the boxed version of the upgrade which comes with a very nice printed manual of all the included fonts, clipart, photos, etc., albeit, the clipart filenames are not conducive to being searched upon by keywords; they are all alpha-numeric.

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This program is free:
Reads CorelDRaw files/thumbnails.
Has an option to build contact sheets of cdr thumbnails with lots of control over the final layout (size spacing - filename-description etc.)
Will take a little work but you can have it set the way you want.

Does a good deal more than just tumbnail cdr files.

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Found a program the other day called ROMCAT. Got it off the internet from a search. From what I can remember it was also free. It Works with Corel X3 and other versions giving you visuals of the clip art and search on names etc. Can also add other clip art to this look up as well. Works great.

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