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Tiffany Heavy with Swash


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For all you font gurus, did "Tiffany Heavy with Swash" ever actually get made into a font?


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Cabernet JF Swash

Benguiat Caslon Swash
These two fonts are similar but they are not the same as Tiffany Heavy with Swash. Here are the links to get them, though:

Tiffany Heavy with Swash was digitized by Daylight Fonts in 2010 but it was never released. If you really need it, I would suggest contacting them and asking to purchase a license privately.

Daylight's blog post announcing it:

Daylight's product page for it (no purchase links)

A type forum post asking about it in 2017. Includes an image confirming that the swash version of Tiffany Heavy did indeed exist in the pre-digital era – it wasn't initially clear to me whether Daylight invented the swash version themselves.