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bill hamm

New Member
Hi all, need some help, I'm trying to tile a logo 36"x36" on a 30" ioline plotter, now here's the kicker, I'm using signlab but it's the V-Pro version that does the routing on my engravers and router tables, can anyone help me figure this out, from what i've been told it can be done. Any help would be great.
Thanks Bill


New Member
Hi Bill, did the encad show yet? What version of signlab are you running, and I take it you cut vinyl with this software you also route with. When I talked to you, I was understanding you cut vinyl with signlab. I run version 5. The one thing I may have overlooked was when your setting up your tile horizontally or vertically, there is a place to check stack tiles. This will place the tiles on top of one another if you chose vertical tile. Like I mentioned, I usually set a 1/4 " overlap because the vinyl will always shrink a little. There are alot more knowledgeable people here that I'm sure can explain this alot better for you. Good luck with the encad.