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Time for a career change...


New Member
Hi all,

I'm glad to have found these forums. So far, they have been a huge help, if not just motivation to make some changes in my life.

I have been a print & web designer since '92, and have accomplished pretty much everything I have ever wanted to do within my field. I have worked at top shelf firms, large corporations and small, intimate design companies. In the last few years, I had become eally disenchanted with the whole industry and recently, I made the decision to open my own sign and decal business out of the house, part-time to begin, but with plans to do this full time in the future.

I have strong ties in the motorsports world, as well as other enthusiast hobbies that are very enchanted with vinyl decals and graphics. With my experience and background in design, I hope there is an easy transition for me over the next few months.

My wife and I are putting together a business plan, as well as doing research on materials, hardware, software and the other pieces required to get our new business off the ground.

I am anxiously looking forward to bending a few ears and learning as much as I can from all of the great experience here. I'm very interested in hearing opinions on just about everything here, including my potential work.

Good to be here,


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Hey Doug .... it's good to have you join us.

I see you're from St. Charles. I have some fun memories of a couple of sign expos I attended there at the Pheasant Run Resort. In fact, that's where I proposed a matrimonial arrangement to my wonderful wife. Is that facility still in business?



New Member
Hi Fred, yes it is still going stronger than ever. They hold the national Corvette Bloomington Gold event there now, too. It's about 5 minutes from me.

Thanks for the welcome. I'm really looking forward to this.