Timeout mid print...


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-- I'm having a consistent timeout error during printing larger files.

I'm running Sign Lab 8.0 Print and Cut, Sign Lab's VPM, Mimaki JV3 connected by 10' firewire, thur XP Pro SP3.

I receive a timeout error (code 23) consistently at 80% maximum (sometimes less)... of a 4'run!
Seems at 35" to 36" of a 48" print. The printer stops mid pass, travels
home, pumps up then codes out.
Yet using the same file, changing scale only, runs clean at 24"and 36".
I've changed my "port settings" to never sleep in Windows, with no change in result.
Dumped and completely reloaded all Cad Link software, including hardware profiles for Mimaki and Graphtec cutter. again no change...
Sent 2"x 4'simple boxed outline as a test thru, printed complete.
Seems to be file size issue, but no idea on what will remedy my dilemma.
Anyone out there ever dance this dance??


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-- Printing 4' @printer width as well as cutting the file in half literally. (original was running 2up) Resulted in the same error same place... Rewriting the file from scratch even, results in no change when run at that length.
On the way into Rip, files under 400k...
I've got the printer settings in windows "print directly to printer". That gets it sent to the VPM without spooling. After the rip... Hittin print will get it fed from the VPM to the printer in 10% bites, per the bar graph. Often the Rip still acts as if it's working even after the printer errors.

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try to change windows to "spool complete file before sending" or whatever the opposite of "print directly to printer" is


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The opposite setting is "spool print documents so program finishes faster" was the defalt setting. I've run it both ways. The change in setting between the two hasn't changed results. But i thank you for giving me some thought...


Have a look at the knowledge base look on Cadlinks site - might be something there.

Also I've read posts where JV3 owners have had trouble with their firewire cards in the computer, where they needed to switch to a different kind to avoid communication problems/dropouts.
Try searching or asking in the Mimaki section here.


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You are correct. I recieved that suggestion as well.
I ordered a new 1394 card yesterday.
Seems Mimaki prefers a TI (Texas Instruments) chip set.

I should have it in hand tomorrow. I'll post the results... Thanks again


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Mimaki 1394 board

Installing another new (3rd one) Fire Wire board seems to have me going again.
It took a tip given by Mike at Grimco... Installing a 1394 pci card with a "TI" chip set allowed my JV3 to process the entire file.

Thanks for all your efforts.