Too much heat possible?


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Just asking a noob question. In my profiles for my ValueJet 1204 there are 3 heaters. Pre, Platen and Post. All 3 can be manually adjusted to 50 degrees Celsius. Most profiles (preloaded from Flexi) all 3 temp settings are different, 40 pre, 48 platen, 46 post, OR 50 pre, 40 platen, 45 post.

What reasons are there why I would not want to bump them all to 50 ?

Material could breakdown? Ink would not adhere correctly? etc?

Just looking for reasons and possibly some real life examples/situations just so I can educate myself on the importance (or non importance) of the 3 different heater settings.


I have a Roland but from what i seen, more heat may increase/decrease grain and on banner material, more heat makes it head strike due to it buckling. I always turn the heat down a tad on banner matter rather than digital vinyl.