Took the plunge ..................


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Just ordered A 48 inch Mutoh VJet with Wave Print,and a Graphtec 54 inch cutter,Hope to learn allot from the experienced printers and past forum threads here on 101,so if i have any questions,PLEASE bear with me,LOL Thanks Signs 101 and its members :U Rock:


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Now, just sit back & watch the dust collect on the rolls of colored vinyl!

Steve C.

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Steve....yes i got it at SW,but i did not buy the SW brand of Mutoh

The reason I asked is, they called me last month and offered me a really
sweet deal on a 48'' value jet. I didn't take the offer, I'm not ready to
get rid of my Falcon just yet. Hope you got a good deal. I know you are
Hey Pro,
Congrats! Do you have a printer now? I assume not. If there is anything I can help with just holler, it was a tough road to tow learning about printers on your own.
I bought a Falcon outdoor Jr. from SW and I think it is a damn good little printer, I am looking into a VersaCamm.


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Thanks Vinny..........I just ordered it today so dont have it yet,,,,I dont think ill get any sleep tonight ,LOL I'm Like a Kid at Christmas Eve at this point hehehe.....and thanks for the help offer, Im sure i will need some.I think i need to slam about 12:beer to get some sleep!!!