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Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
I chose to start a new thread since the previous discussion about Trajan was threatening to hijack someone else's Font ID thread.

I've been doing some "Trajanspotting" lately, to make a play off the movie title "Trainspotting" (a film that used Helvetica on its movie poster and Bureau Grotesque in the actual movie). Trajan has been getting pretty unavoidable.

Monday night, I saw "The Interpreter," which used Trajan on the titles. I ranted in another thread about the fake small cap treatment given to the type.

Tuesday, I rented the DVD for "Hotel Rwanda." Trajan is all over the packaging --and with even worse small cap fakery, and some odd kerning to boot.

The rock band, My Chemical Romance makes fun of the Trajan trend of movie titles and trailers in their video of "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)." I just saw it on FUSE.

Some people may associate Trajan with the titles on the HBO series, "Six Feet Under." The promos use Times, but the actual show uses Trajan -noteably to show the name of some character right after he died.

Even older movies released before Adobe and Goudy introduced their versions of Trajan are grabbing it. A soon to be released DVD of "Beaches" features it. A visit to The Digital Bits website and their upcoming DVD cover art page will show at least a few instances of Trajan on each page of DVD listings.

I expect Trajanspotting to become an ever more unavoidable reflex. Adobe bunded new OpenType versions of Trajan Pro in versions 1 and 2 of their Creative Suite.