Transfer tape wrinkles (transparent plastic 120 mic)


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I have a problem with transfer tape (transparent plastic).
I normally apply by hand or in a laminator and roll out (with vinyl out).
I pack and send out. After a few hours (sometimes minutes) the transfer tape start to wrinkle and the result is that one that you can see in the pic bellow.

Is paper transfer tape better to avoid this problems? There is any tip to avoid this?



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Paper is better yes, especially the 3M stuff.

Are you overlapping your transfer tape?

The combination of too many layers and rolling the material are the main problem...but I've found the clear stuff to wrinkle/buckle more than paper. I think I only use it for one customer, everyone else gets the good 3M stuff.

Tks for your reply.
In this case i overlap transfer paper but happen wit or without overlap.

In here 3M transfer tape (paper) cost more that 200€ (248USD) for 122 x 92 meters


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Def. Rtape the 3M works pretty good but I like the rtape conform. We also use clear tape. I only use the clear tape for small decals and stickers smaller then 6X6". Even on some of the smaller things I get wrinkling also. If you use the clear on anything larger you will always have the wrinkling problem.

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Is this cut vinyl and white( after weeding) is carrying sheet? If so, clear transfer tape will lift with vinyl(black) and create tunnels .Large weeded vinyl jobs are prone to do so when clear transfer tape is applied.