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Need Help Transferring profiles from one printer to another HP Latex 360 OMS vs OML

What's the difference between OML and OMS files? I exported all my media profiles from work and brought them home, but I keep getting "the file was faulty". The files are all OML. I am using HP Latex 360

I used the web embedded server and I keep getting "faulty file".


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[HASHTAG]#OML[/HASHTAG] files are the files created by Onyx I believe. To use the web embedded server you need to use [HASHTAG]#OMS[/HASHTAG] files.
OMS (Open Media System) files are specific to Gen3 HP Latex printers. These include the Latex 100 / 300 / 500 / 1500 and 3000 Series printers. The new Latex R-Series flatbed printers also support and use OMS files.

OMS files install and reside inside the printer itself, and the printer shares them with the supported RIP software automatically upon loading the media. OMS files are also universally compatible with all supported RIPs.

OML (Onyx Media Library) files are built by ONYX, and reside in the RIP. They are specific to ONYX RIP software products.
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