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Need Help Trouble printing - Roland XC-540


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Hello, we are having some print problems with our Roland SolJet XC-540. I have attached a photo of the print test which shows the lines on the black just being scattered all over the place! I have seen missing lines, but this is different. They are printing, just not in the right place! HELP!!! What can we do to fix this?
The alignment test print came out bad as well.
Thank you for your help!


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There are some missing black, the other look like nozzle deflection.
usually deflection is caused by head strikes, has this happened?

What have you tried/done to fix it?
what is your maintenance schedule?


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We have had a few head strikes, but not recently. I have done a cleaning of the heads and we clean the heads weekly.
Is there any way to fix this if it is deflection?

Broome Signs

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Worth a try

Perform 2x powerful head cleans

Followed by x2 medium

lastly x2 standard

Sometimes realigns the nozzles

Failing that it’s a new head


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yes slightly different this one as its one side of the head giving most trouble, deflections like this normally start about 3 years life on a black head and is a build up of old ink particles either on the surface or in the nozzle hole.
poor cap top sealing, damaged damper filters, lower quality inks and poor maintenance are possible reasons for the rapid demise of just one side. remember it has 1 cart, pipes and damper to each side of the head.
reclaiming the poor quality runs the risk of total failure due to a large amount of flushing required and must be approached in the manor that its stuffed any way. cleaning fluid or ink on the electronics will finish it off, so i can't recommend it. but with care and attention it is possible.
one advantage of the pro models is you can clean 1 pair of heads at a time saves the ink on the others. but imo no amount of machine cleans will recover those deflections.


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Oh Yikes!!! I will give it a try! Thanks BroomeSigns!
Try sucking ink from the hose coming from the cap top. You could also put a soaked blue rag on top of the cap and park the head. Let soak for about an hour. Then do a couple of normal cleans. Also make sure your wipers are good. Worked just about every time.