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trouble with the flashing bar on flexie


New Member
I have flexi 7.6 I recently got a laptop the flashing bar just before a letter is dim is there any way to make it bolder and darker this is only on flexie no where else I am not sure what the flashing bar is called hope you can help 436henry Henry Goines


New Member
I think you mean the curser, the flashing bar that apears when you click on the text icon, Iam new to flexi ( mostly use signlab) the ony thing that I have found is to change the contrast on your screen or go int design central and make the font that you are working with larger to make the curser larger..
hope that helps//chopper


New Member
Or change the color of the substrate box your working within,i use a dark color some times when i don't see the curser,if you use Grey,you will not see it at all!!!