TrueVIS Ink end of life.


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Hi, I have an SG 540 along with another older Roland printer. Both work fine and I have always used OEM inks since my first Roland SP540 back in 2003.

However the company that does my maintenance has told me that the TR inks I have been using in my SG540 will no longer be supplied after the end of September.

I now have a the decision to make about which ink to go for.

TR2 Inks.
I have read some horror stories about the transition and subsequent use of the TR2 inks in converted SG and VG machines. As a result I am very wary about going down that route even thought I have always used OEM inks in my printers.

The Alternative,
One of my suppliers has a 'Own brand' Nazdar 204 ink which is for use with the TrueVIS machines. I am seriously looking to go down this route as there is no firmware update, they inks are 'plug and play' and I can continue to use my existing profiles. (allegedly)

So my question is to anyone who had made the transition to TR2 ink or Nazdar inks. Can you let me know your experiences, any problems or issues, particularly with the Nazdar inks.

Thank you in advance for reading and commenting on this post.

Co. Kildare