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TrueVIS SG-300


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Hey guys!

Which is which?

Roland TrueVIS SG-300 vs VersaCAMM® VS-300i

Speed and quality.

Replacing my BN-20

Please help?
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SG 300 is newer tech but only 4 colour, whereas the VSi has 8 channels so can have light colours and white/metallic.
SG300 has new heads, 2 per machine, VSi uses an 8 channel single head...but is a great machine.
For the money you get a lot of machine with an SG and both very versatile devices as Eco-Sol.


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But was looking at the HP Latex and i like it better. It can print on synthetic textiles with i kind like for for flags.


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Im nov scotia canada. :) if you can sell me here that would be great. With your price plotter is included? I want a print cut bundle.