Trying to get up and running...


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Before I go further THANKS! in advance.

First the background:

Purchased 2 Edges (the originals with the black lift knobs in the front). With these came a GS15 plus, quite a few color cartridges and refills, Flexi 8, what I thought was a copy of Omega 2.0, a parallel port dongle for 2.0, cables with a parallel cable switch box, and a copy of Graphix Advantage (6.2 I think).

Now the problems:

I've tried setting this up on a computer running Windows XP SP3. Can not get Graphix Advantage to setup on this computer due to it asking me for an upgrade password. After research, found out this program seems not to run on a computer post-Win98.

So, on to Omega 2.0. I am familiar with this program due to using it previously at another sign shop I use to work at. Come to find out I have the dongle, the serial numbers, the passwords, and an extras disk (with fonts and sample jobs), but no install disk. Again...dead in the water.

The Flexi 8 has been the only thing I can get to set up. I can get it to send to my other *cough* Chinese plotter for cutting, but for the life of me I can not get to correctly talk to the Edge. As is settings in Flexi with the correct driver, the right lpt com port, the most I can get out of the Edge is a "data error".

After a few changes (virtual memory, turning off use lpt drivers, checking the ECP box, etc. etc. ) the most I have come up with is a 4 color process picture that 2 of the colors printed ok (key word "ok") but the last two did not register up right on the graphic, like they had been shifted over from their rightful spot 1-1 1/2".

What I need:

-Help getting correct settings in Flexi to print a proper output.
-Help securing a copy of Omega CP 2.0. No not looking for a cracked program or anything like that (I'm paranoid and would not do well in jail :smile: not to mention I don't roll like that) I have tried to contact Gerber and have been ran around a few times and someone tried to sell me a brand new copy of the latest greatest...