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Two color on static cling ?'s


New Member
Hello again, When my materials come in, I will be printing red and white on clear static cling.(With my Edge I)

My item is going to look like a Haz-Mat flammable liquids placard, ie: red with white letters/flame graphic.

My questions are:

1.Should I print red with the letters/graphic knocked out then flood coat with white?

2: Should I print the opposite .... White letters/graphic then flood coat with red?....... or does it really matter.......

3. Either way, how do I get Flexi to tell my Edge to print a specific color without knocking out the other color?

As always, Thank you

ps. I do understand to print it like a reverse image in order to show correctly on the cling side(for inside widow application)

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
In Omega I would assign the red to overprint the white in Composer then mirror and reverse print order in GSPPlot. You'll have to translate that into Flexi terms.