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UB&T Font Help Please

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
It's one of the Baskervilles ... every foundry has one or more of their own versions. The sample is too small for me to isolate it better than that.


New Member
Thanks Fred,

I tried everyone of those I had though, and none quite matched up. That's why it was frustrating me because they are so similar!!! Well, if anyone else might figure it out, that would be great.


New Member
It's not a Baskerville, the "&" is different. The type itself is identical to TImes New Roman with the exception of the "&". It's entirely possible that it is 2 seperate fonts that are similar.
For example this is what I get in relation to the logo when I combine Times New Roman and Bodoni. To keep the look I used 38 pt Times New Roman and 42 pt Bodoni for the "&". I did not play with traking or kerning, but you get the idea.
Actual logo from web is on left and my recreation on right:
UBTLogo.gif UB&T Mine.jpg