Ugh !!!!


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I am getting so frustrated...
Can somebody help? I am trying to take an already made image (wheather it be jpg or ??? ) and import it into FLEXI Starter 8 and be able to print it... I've tried using Photoshop & Corel and NOTHING is working so far...

Trying to learn this to get my business going and Im about ready to give up...

what am I not doind or doing wrong ???? :help:

Fred Weiss

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Flexi Starter is little more than a bridge program for cutting vectors. You need to have FlexiSign Pro for printing. What kind of printer are you trying to print to?


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Yup... like has been said. Flexi Starter shouldn't have a rip & print option in it, you have to have Flexi Pro.


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Yup Flexi starter is cut only!

the print features are locked in it. You don't get that luxury until you shell out a couple grand to Scanvec for Fsign-pro or Fsign-expert.

Just curious as to why you can't print from Coreldraw though... Me thinks maybe you have the print software/drivers/profiles not properly installed on the PC you are trying to print from maybe. ...or another problem.

I assume that if you're cutter is working and that possibly has checked itself as the deafult source printing device maybe and you just need to check that back to the actual printer... at least thats whee I would start anyway.

Try and print direct from windows pic and fax viewer... If that fails then something is askew and time to begin troubleshooting the printers installation.


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I am evidently too new...
what exactly is the rip & print ????
HOW do I do this ???


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I have the epson 1400 at the moment, trying to start small

but how do I get something from corel to import into flexi to be able to cut it... ????


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I want to do that to !!!!
I cant get it to work either way...
I have a pic that is a jpg that I want to print to be able to transfer to shirts & import into my flexi progam to cut & it just isnt working either way

Mike Paul

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You can't import a bitmap, apply a vector contour/cut path to it and output it from your version of Flexi. You need to upgrade your software.


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you need to learn the difference between vectors(cut)&rastors(print) starting small is fine but you have alot to learn & it ain't easy. before throwing Money at the situation you might want to go work for a sign company & actually learn what you truly need to do this business, sorry all you retailers out there pushing your software & equip telling everyone all ya got to do is push this button & get rich.